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20 Most Asked Bank Interview Questions

If you are going into the banking sector, then you should be ready to face bank interview. Even if you don’t have to face it at the entry level but you can expect it for other higher positions in the industry. Although, one can’t tell you the exact questions that you will be asked in a bank interview because the interviewer may raise questions from the answers you give. Therefore, the trick is not to go very deep into any answer and one should answer the questions asked in a bank interview very cleverly.

Below are some of the most asked  Banking  Interview Questions, prepare these well. We have also added the banking interview question answers Idea behind the question that will help you to understand the question better.

Must ReadMost Common Interview Questions

20 Most Asked Bank Interview Questions

1) Introduce yourself in brief?
IDEA- A precise answer is expected from the candidate. In this question, the candidate should briefly tell their name, occupation or educational background and a brief note about the family.

2) Why makes you desperate to join the Banking Sector?
IDEA- Talking about why the Banking Sector is the fastest growing sector can help the candidate rather than speaking about things like ‘stable career’ or ‘white collar job’, as these things may cross questions that must be avoided.

3) Tell an incident where you were in conflict with your senior and how it was resolved.
IDEA- The candidate should see that the situation he /she are presenting will be tested for your political acumen. So it is important to keep the response focus on you.

4) What are your Strengths and Weakness?
IDEA- Mention Strengths that can be useful in the Bank. Avoid talking about your short temper and easy going attitude as it may the interview against you.

5) Despite many failures, what cheers you up?
IDEA- The motivational factors can be synchronized with factors within the Banking Sector.

6) What role does a bank play in a common man’s life?
IDEA- It is an opportunity to consider yourself a common man and to think how the banking services will be beneficial to you.

7) Why should we hire you?
IDEA- The candidate should relate their strengths with the requirement of the bank and how they will provide for both personal and professional growth.

8) Are you an effective leader?
IDEA- The candidate must answer this question carefully, as the expected answer is how you were able to complete a project while leading and managing a team.

9) Are you ready to relocate?
IDEA- Respond to this question by letting the interviewer know that you are flexible enough as it is your learning stage.

10) Have you prepared anything for the Interview?
IDEA- This question is very commonly asked in the interviews as the candidate is expected to know about the organization.

11) How do you overcome stress?
IDEA- Be honest in replying this question, as the interviewer is looking at ways you claim yourself in a stressful situation.

12) What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a Banking Sector?
IDEA- Be realistic while answering the question.

13) Which is your most significant achievement?
IDEA- Talk about your personal or professional achievements that have made you proud.

14) Are you willing to work outside your comfort zone?
IDEA- It is a tricky question as this question is related to your flexibility answer. So, construct an answer that is in sync with your flexibility.

15) What values you will add to this position.
IDEA- Relate of skill set with the Job Description and how it will add value to the position.

16) What is your long term plan for this job?
IDEA- The candidate must very clear about the responsibilities, authorities, expectation and growth associated with the job in coming 3-5 years.

17) Where do you find yourself in 5 years in our hierarchy?
IDEA- This is an open question and they are not expecting an answer like “CEO” or CMD. They want a reasonable answer and also want to check your knowledge about the organization.

18) What do you want to be a Leader or a Boss?
IDEA- Answer this question with a backup as many cross questions are raised from it about team management and situation handling skills.

19) Would you be able to manage your personal life with work?
IDEA- Tell them about your management skills and how this job is in favour of your personal life. Tell them about the fixed timings and all.

20) Anything you would like to ask?
IDEA- If you are asking something in the last, kindly make sure it is a relevant question related to either the joining or the position.

Top Questions related to Indian Banking Sector

  • What is an IPO?
  • What is the root cause of Inflation?
  • How many types of accounts can a common man open in a Bank?
  • What is the role of Banking Ombudsman?
  • What are the functions of RBI?
  • What is the difference between MoneyMarket and Capital Market?
  • What is the effect on the economy if the reverse repo rate is decreased/increased?
  • What is a Bank?
  • What is the role of a Bank PO/Clerk in a bank?
  • What is LAF?
  • What are money market instruments?
  • What is the purpose of Basel Norms?
  • What role does banking play in an economy?
  • Whatis the Indradhanush scheme in context to Banking?
  • What is NABARD?

These are the some of the most asked interview questions when you appear in a Bank Interview. Try to practice at least all these questions. Let’s see how many answers can you give, Share your answers in the comments.

If you have been to any Bank Interview, then we would be glad to hear your interview experience. Share your Interview experience in the comments below. We will feature your Interview Experience in our blog. Your experience can be the light to show others the way.

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