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6 Awesome reasons to choose Banking as a career

Banking Industry has emerged as one of the most preferred government job destinations for pupils from various fields in the recent years. One of the reasons behind such enormous shift of attraction is that Bank Job is no more just confined to Bank clerical and PO level Vacancies.

The ambiance of a nice salary and remuneration is also a strong justification. Go through the article for more information on Bank Jobs Details like Pattern, Procedure and Eligibility criteria.

IBPS being one of the largest organization has already released its notification for IBPS PO 2017 and soon there will be a notification for IBPS Clerk 2017.

So, before applying you should know complete details about the Banking organizations and the reasons to join a Public Sector Bank in India as a career.

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6 Reasons to get a Bank Job

Individual Growth
Challenges lead to Growth.

The people who like to face real time challenges consider Bank Job is the most rewarding career. At first, it might look a decent computer work but due to digitalization, one has to come across new challenges all the time. And, in between those challenges lie great opportunities for growth.
The Banking today is not only confined to cash and customer dealing, hence, one get to work at different roles within the same environment from time to time. Growth opportunities start right after one joins a bank and sometimes even before it.

Exams like  JAIIB and CAIIB  are tests of one’s knowledge about the industry and pays back in the form of increments in the present salary. Not only salary, one gets benefits in the promotion and transfer policies. Regular skill enhancement project helps one to remain up to date and upgraded with the industry standards. Therefore, once a clerk is never a clerk in a bank anymore. If one demands challenges, growth follows it without asking.

Variety of Job Roles
A little of this and a little of that makes you the Jack of all traits.

The Blue Collor Job has transformed a lot in the recent years. With financial Inclusion, more and more people are now availing Banking Services. With digitalization, the old paper techniques have seen blocked gates allowing more paperless transactions. With every new move, Banking System has opened gates for new opportunities for the aspirants.

Like any organization, banks have their IT teams, Marketing Teams, and Management Teams. This has bestowed candidates from different fields to enter the banking industry without changing their professional fields. Candidates can opt for the profile that matches up to their skills and capability. From a PO to an IT officer, From a financial analyst to Account Manager, the choice is yours.

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Contribution to Economic Growth
Investments make an Economy a Superpower

Banking Sector is the backbone of any economy, especially for a developing country like India. Every person related to banking sector contributes to the growth of any economy in a direct or indirect ways.
It is not always necessary to pick up guns to serve a nation. When an economy is strong from within, then only will it be able to handle international pressure.
Financial stability is necessary for any country. Banking provisions like  PSL  and  BSBDA  ensure the availability of money to the lower sections of the society.

It helps government schemes like  PMJDY  or  PMAPY  to reach every corner of the country. The more people taking advantages of the Banking Services add up to the economic growth of any country.
With schemes like  MUDRA  and  SHGs, Banking Industry gives new hopes to entrepreneurship and women empowerment. From giving loans to the government to maintaining Forex Deposits for the country, a Bank has a lot of direct contribution to the economy.

Exploring New Destinations
Don’t let yourself captured the whole life

A Bank Job allows you to explore different parts of the country and not just the country but abroad too. It gives everyone a fair chance to learn new traditions around the world, connect with people of all sorts in and around the country.
It not only breaks the monotony and boredom of regular work but also gives you a broad perception to see the world. Meeting with great personalities of the Banking sector inspire you to reach to the top. Isn’t it great when giants like TATA  and  Ambani  consult you on regular basis?

Interactions with People
Communication makes you a  leader

Joining a bank means that at every step you will be meeting new people and these people do not only include the customers of the bank. And this is a great opportunity to understand human behavior as every single person is different. Communicating with people having different characters every day gives you the confidence and zest to face many problems in life. And you can’t run from problems, you can only win over them.

These experiences generate new skills and traits in you that are quite needed to grow in your life. Dealing with people is not an easy task if you have that ability and strength, your success is definite.

Personal Life
No play and only work makes Jack a dumb boy

Believe it or not, personal life is one of the aspects which is preferred by most individuals in any job. Banking sector gives you the pleasure to balance your personal life with your work-life.
Being a Bank Employee, you enjoy a whole lot of holidays plus medical leaves are there. For women, most of the banks are now allowing to work from home. With a proposed five days a week working, you will get more time to spend with your friends and family. On top of that, fixed work timing is an icing on the cake.

In the last, don’t forget the special allowances that you will be getting. From Housing to Medical, from transport to dearness, you can earn more money than expected working in a Bank. You can get foreign tours and loans at half the interest.

So, don’t believe it when someone says that Bank Job is not good and all. A great personality has said that an adventure is not an adventure unless you experience it. Hence, don’t let this opportunity to slip from your hands.

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