English Error and grammer check Finding sentence correction Rules and online grammar checker with Quiz

English Grammar Check and Error Finding Online Test

A Little Intro to English Grammar from Exam point of view: When we talk about English Grammar as a subject, it is required that your grammar should be correct and for that, you should be aware of the certain rules related to it. While preparing for any exam, candidates tend to jump directly to the exercises without even paying any attention to the rules.

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In Banking English Grammar Examination, the error finding questions have a large share. Around 10-12 questions of error finding are asked in the English section. Therefore, you have to go through a lot of stuff before you are ready for the real exam. Thus, the grammar check for any competitive examination involves going through the rules thoroughly and then applying those rules in the questions.

Here is a short quiz for you to check if you are on the right track. Attempt this online English grammar quiz.

Kalidas is (A)/known as (B)/Shakespeare(C)/ of India.(D)/ No Error(E)

Place 'The' before Shakespeare. Rule: When Proper Noun is used as Common Noun, Article is used before the noun.

The principal (A)/appointed him(B)/ as (C)/the head boy(D). No Error (E)

The adverb 'as' is not used with the word 'appoint'.

He has no (A)/time to read(B)/ novels and (C)no desire neither.(D) No Error(E)

The sentence can't have two words of negation (negative) simultaneously.

When I will (A)/reach there,(B)/ she will (C)/bring the food.(D) No Error(E)

Two future tense can't be used in as single sentence.The situation that will occur first will be in Present Indefinite Tense.

Too many (A)/cooks(B)/ spoiled (C)/the broth.(D) No Error (E)

When Idioms and phrases are used in a sentence , always use Present Indefinite Tense.

The Chandigarh(A)/ is (B)/the capital (C)/of Punjab.(D) No Error(E)

'The' will be omitted.

There was (A)/a Karan who is(B)/ famous for(C)/ his Intelligence.(D) No Error (E)

When speaker is unknown to proper noun , an article can be used.

I am going (A)/to the (B)/school for (C)/a competition.(D) No Error (E)

When we visit any place for its primary purpose, 'the' is not used, else it is used.

Not only India(A)/ but also Pakistan(B)/ are a (C)developing nation.(D) No Error (E)

Not only.....but also follows verb of the nearest noun.

Shikha lost (A)/not only (B)/ her luggage(C)/ but also ticket.(D) No error (E)

But also her ticket. Not only ....... but also follows same part of speech.

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    • Vipin Sajwan

      Thank you Samanta. Please Subscribe to our News letter to get daily posts right in your Email. Do share with your friends.

      • ganesh

        Please correct second question. Using “as” is not wrong. It’s optional. Please don’t provide wrong answers. Please check reputed dictionaries for clarification.

        • Prepskool

          Yes, Mr. Ganesh. Although, the use of ‘AS’ is not completely wrong its usage is not justified here. From the examination point of view I would rather suggest avoiding ‘as’ in such sentences.

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