Coding Decoding new pattern questions for SBI PO MAins

Coding-Decoding Exercise For Banking and SSC

Micro Test on Coding and Decoding (New Pattern)

The following is an exercise on coding and decoding. The questions mentioned are asked in various examinations like SSC, IBPS, CDS and all state examinations. In Coding and Decoding section, the questions are coded in a particular fashion. Two or three examples are given which follow the same pattern and based on these examples, you have to find out the pattern and the solution of the question given on that pattern. The questions below comprises of such question on Coding- Decoding. Attempt these Coding Decoding Problems to get familiar with the questions asked.

    9     6     8    25
    7     5     3    30
    9     4     5      ?

Q.1 Find the missing number

A) 35                    B) 40               C) 60              D) 45


Q.2 If in a certain code language ‘3a, 2b, 7c’ means ‘truth is eternal’, ‘7c, 9a, 8b’, means ‘enmity is not eternal’ and ‘4d, 2b, 8b’ means ‘truth does not’. Which of the following means enmity in that language?

  1. A)3a                B)7c               C)8b                D) 9a


Q.3 If in a certain language ‘finger’ is called ‘toe’, ‘toe’ is called ‘foot’, ‘foot’ is called ‘thumb’, ‘thumb’ is called ‘ankle’, ‘ankle’ is called ‘palm’ and ‘palm’ is called ‘knee’ then in that language, then what will an illiterate man use to mark his signature?

A) Toe              B) knee                 C) Thumb                   D) ankle


Q.4 In a certain code 123 means ‘bright little boy’, 145 means ‘tall big boy’ and 637 means ‘beautiful little flower’. Which digit will represent ‘bright’ in the same language?

A) 1                  B) 2                            C) 3                         D) 4


Q.5 If ‘FISH’ is written as ‘EHRG’ in a certain code, then how would ‘JUNGLE’ be written in that same code

A) ITMFKD              B)  ITNFKD               C)  KVOHMF         D) TIMFKD


Q.6 In a certain code, MADRAS is coded as NBESBT, then how would BOMBAY be coded in that same language

A) CPNCBX              B) CPNCBZ           C) CPOCBZ             D) CQOCBZ


Q.7 In a certain code, MIRACLE is coded as NKUEHRL, then how would GAMBLE be coded in that same language

A) JDOCMF              B) CLEMNK            C)  HCPFQK              D) AELGMN


Q.8 In a certain code language, ‘COMPUTRONE’ is written as ‘PMOCTUENOR’. How is ‘ADVANTAGES’ written in that same code?

A) IDUJLAIC              B) UJIDLAIC            C) UJIDICLA              D) IDUJICLA


Q.9 In a certain language, ‘EXECUTIVE’ is coded as ‘TCIEUXVEE’, then how is ‘MAUSOLEUM’ coded in that same language?

A) LSEUOAUMM         B) AUUCOSLMM           C) AUEUOSEMM             D) SLUEOAUMM


Q.10 In a coding system, ’JUNE’ is written as ‘PQRS’ and ‘AUGUST’ is written as ‘WQFQMN’. How can ‘GUEST’ be written in this same coding language?

A) FQTMN               B) FPSMN                 C) FQSMN                          D) FQSNM

The answers will be given after 5 legitimate comments only.

Comment yours and see how many of you get all correct.


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