Idioms and Phrases list in English Grammar Alphabetically

English Lessons: Idioms and Phrases

English IdiomsIdiomatic Expressions and English Expressions are words or group of words can make your speech or writing more sophisticated and intellectual. Sometimes the Idioms and the expressions point to an entirely different thing but their literal meaning can only be understood when applied in a sentence.

You must haver noticed that great speakers often use Idioms in their speeches. They comment on other people without even using their names or expressions in the words. The list of English Idioms is very vast but we have tried it to compile in various short lists that we would be publishing here. Starting with the Idioms Examples starting with alphabet ‘A‘, the list will go all the way to ‘Z.

Idioms List Alphabetical Order ‘A’ 

Idioms Meaning
A BIRD’S EYE VIEW A general view from above.
Ex. – Chief Minister takes a bird’s eye view of the city from the helicopter.
AT LOGGERHEADS Disagreeing on everything
Ex: Ram is at loggerheads with Shyam
A LIVEWIRE Lively and active, very quick
Ex. – On meeting with Chris, I found that he is a livewire.
A HORNET’S NEST An unpleasant situation
Ex. – His remarks about female players stirred up a real hornet’s nest.
Ex. – Jack is a close-fisted person. He never takes out his money.
ALL EARS Attentive listening
Ex. – Tell me something about yourself. I am all ears.
A MAN OF STRAW A man of no substance
Ex. – Nowadays, politicians are becoming a man of straw.
AFRAID OF HER OWN SHADOW Very timid and fearful
Ex. – On hearing the news of kidnapping, she became afraid of her own shadow.
ACHILLES’ HEEL A person’s weak spot
Ex. – In boxing, Joy hit on the Achilles’ heel of Monty.
ACT OF GOD A natural calamity that human beings cannot control
Ex. – A vast number of buildings collapsed due to the act of God last night.


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