Prepskool English Vocabulary Quiz for banking and ssc. Important words from The Hindu newspaper.

English Vocabulary Quiz for Banking and SSC #2

English Vocabulary Quiz is important for you if you are preparing for any competitive Examinations.

In the SSC CGL pre-examinations, 10-15 questions can be asked and In the SSC mains examination, 20-25 words are asked. With the changing trends in the Banking examinations, 5-10 words are asked in the IBPS and SBI examinations(both in prelims and mains). Most words that are asked in various competitive examinations are from “THE HINDU“.So prepare these well with Prepskool.

 Get skilled via English Vocabulary Quiz

So, it is really important to prepare such words daily to heighten your vocab skills and gain control over your fear of English Language.

Test your English Vocabulary Knowledge

Choose the option which you think will be the meaning of the given word in the Quiz.

Regular learning is crucial when you want to improve your English skills. To check if your learning is effective, we suggest you take our test frquently.

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