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English Lesson: The Hindu’s Daily Dose of Vocabulary Quiz

English! Sometimes it becomes a difficult task for us and everyone wants to be better at their conversations skills, reading, writing etc. You can play Hindu English Vocabulary Quiz to improve you English Vocabulary.

Everyone has these type of Questions.

How to Improve English?

How to Speak Fluent English?

Hindu English Vocabulary Quiz

Presenting the Vocabulary Dose for today from The Hindu. The National Daily is highly recommended by the teachers and authors to grasp the roots of English Language.

English play an important role in each sector whether it be public or the private one.The following ‘The Hindu English Vocabulary Quiz’ comprises of the most commonly used words in the newspaper.

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Do you want to improve you English conversation skills?

Then, this platform is made just for you and will help you to improve your vocabulary skills in English. Her,  you don’t need to read anything in English language. Here you play a quiz and it helps you to improve your English.

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Vocabulary Quiz and Daily Dose from The Hindu

The Hindu English Vocabulary Quiz is not only helpful  for those who want better control on their speaking and writing but also assistive for those who are preparing for any competitive exams and Interviews.

In the following Quiz, mark the meaning of the given words.


Maverick generally refers to a person who exhibits great independence in thought and action.(आवारा)


Doubt about the truth of something (अविश्वास)


The basis from which something is developed. (आधारशिला)


To agree or express agreement. (संतुष्ट होना)


Inferior in strength or significance (नन्हा)

quid pro quo

Getting something in return for something you do.(मुआवज़ा)


to give support and approval to one person (समर्थन)


Meeting to select a candidate or promote a policy (दल का मिलना)


The taking possession of something by legal process (जब्त)


not controlled by outside forces (प्रधान)

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