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Last minute tips to crack SBI PO Prelims 2017

Hello Aspirants, Enough with the chit-chat. It’s time to react. If you are really determined to be an SBI PO, then go through this article and get your doubts cleared in the comments section.

Only a few days are remaining for the most awaited exam on the calendar. Millions of people have geared up their belts to drive through this ragged road. But, it should be noticed that there are only around 2000 vacancies for Probationary Officer post this year. Hence, one has to be very careful and vigilant. One must know that the competition is at its peak and one little mistake can shut your dreams off.

Therefore, we are here for you the one last time before you are ready to rock on. In this article, we would like to make you familiar with the SBI PO exam, if you are a fresh candidate. But, even if have been through this exam before we would like to brush up your mind so that you do not face any problem while entering the examination hall. Also, we will tell you about the approach that might be helpful to you qualify with a decent score in the SBI PO Prelims.

FYI, the SBI PO Prelims will only be a qualifying exam, which means that you just have to score enough to cross the cut-off. But, the catch here is that besides the overall cut-off, you will also have to cross the sectional cut-off individually. In simple words, you have to qualify the Reasoning, Aptitude and the English section separately. Therefore, you should be wise enough to give your time to each section.

We got a lot of mails where aspirants were asking for the approach to follow through the SBI PO exam 2017. We have only one thing to say to them that if you have worked to get the job, you’ll definitely get it. And to be frank, there is no approach as such. Every individual follows a different strategy based on their knowledge and practice.

You must have been practicing a lot since the advertisement was published in late January 2017, therefore we are taking this for granted that you are now ready to take part in the battle. Well, this battle is not with anyone else but yourself. So, you should win this. Below are some points that we believe might be very useful if taken into consideration.

  1. Locate your Strength: You all might be aware that the SBI PO Prelims will have a duration of 1 hr. Therefore, you will be required to attempt as many questions as you can. For that, you should know your strength and your weakness. It means that you should choose the section and the topics you are good at. Start with the section you feel confident in. This will help you to gain maximum marks in a very short period of time. Suppose you are good at Reasoning then I would advise you to go with it. Save time for other sections.
  2. Don’t go for Quantity: I have seen many candidates who attempt a lot of questions but never get shortlisted. This of the dumb belief that attempting more questions gets you more marks. Please, don’t ever listen to this type of misleading beliefs. Trust me, Accuracy is the key. I would like to tell you a personal experience. Last year, one of my friends attempted just 16 questions in Reasoning Section, yet he got 18.50 marks in the IBPS PO Prelims 2016. Believe me or not, but this happens. It doesn’t matter how many questions you attempted, but how accurately you attempted those questions does.
  3. Follow your first Intuition: While scrolling through the questions, I advise that you follow the first Intuition you get seeing that question. For that, you have to take a sharp but short look of the question and your mind will strike if you can handle the question. If not, it would be better to skip it and go to the next one. A lot of you might find this inappropriate but believe me wasting 5-10 minute on a question will diminish your dream to get this job.
  4. Look out for negative marking: It isn’t a new thing but most of us seem to ignore the fact that for each wrong question their will be a negative marking on the board. One-fourth doesn’t seem a lot but most of us forget to notice that we not only missed that question that could have fetched us 1 or 1.25 mark but also lost the time that could have been used for some other known question. Hence, it’s better to leave question when you not sure of the answer rather than attempting and wasting the time. Watch out fella, time is precious.
  5. Don’t be scared of the new concept: SBI surprised people last year with new type questions. But the final cut-off was much lower than expected. One could have been selected if he would have left all those much-hyped new pattern questions. Therefore, I advise to go through such new pattern calmly. If you are able to solve those, well and good. If not, just leave them and go further. Its not much to worry about.
  6. Last but not the least: Before you leave for the examinational hall, back yourself up with all the relevant documents like your Admit Card and ID Proof. Save the last-minute worries and troubles as this might erase your concepts and increase your BP. Just kidding. But don’t forget to keep the documents.

So, these were some points that might work for you when you get face the monster called the SBI PO Prelims. You have to notch it down with your knowledge and understanding. Do ask any related questions and problems. We would be very happy to answer.

Thank You

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