English Lesson #1- The Sentence | Subject and Predicate

English Sentence Structure

Ever wondered what a Sentence actually is?

Has English been one of your weak points all your life?

Then let us end it together and end it now!

This starting guide of English Lessons will help you throughout, solving your worries step by step. So, let’s start.

We all know that Alphabets are the life of English Grammar and these alphabets combine together to form words and words combine together to form Sentences. But it is not that simplified as it looks. Just combining the words is not what is required to talk sense. Each word used in a sentence has its own significance and misplacing these would result in a great mishap.

Returning back,

A Sentence in English Grammar is a cluster of words taken together which gives a complete sense.

For eg. Little Humpty sat on a wall.

Want to check your knowledge- Take this English Error Correction Quiz

Types of Sentences

In English Grammar, Sentences are of four types:

  1. Assertive or Declarative Sentences
  2.  Interrogative Sentences
  3.  Imperative Sentences
  4.  Exclamatory sentences

1. Assertive Sentences

A sentence that makes a statement or an assertion is called an Assertive Sentence.
For eg.– John sits on the chair.

2. Interrogative Sentences

A sentence that asks any sort of a question is termed as an Interrogative Sentence.
For eg.– Where does Ram live?
These sentences generally end with a question mark (?).

3. Imperative Sentences

Those sentences which express commands, requests, or entreaties are termed as Imperative Sentences.
For eg.– Shut up.
Sit down.

4. Exclamatory Sentences

Those sentences which demonstrate a strong feeling are called Exclamatory Sentences.
For eg.– How bright the day is!

Subject and Predicate

When we say any sentence, it comprises of two parts:

  1. We name any person we are talking about.
  2. What we want to talk about that person.

So while we are talking, we should keep in mind that we have something or a ‘Subject’ to talk about and we should have a ‘Predicate’ to talk about the subject.

Examples of subject and predicate:

Consider the following example:

Rohan is playing football.

  • Here ‘Rohan’ is the Subject because we are talking about him.
  • And  ‘ is playing football‘ is the Predicate because it is providing information about the subject.
  1.  Usually the Subject comes at the starting of a sentence but on some occasions it is put after the Predicate.

For eg.- Bitter is the fruit of Jealousy. (Here Jealousy id the subject).

2. While saying Imperative Sentences, the Subject is left out. This is because in these sentences the Subject “You is already understood.

For eg.- Stand Up.

You just learned the type of sentences and some examples of Subject and predicate.. Now it’s time to test yourself. Take this short Subject and predicate exercise to find out what have you learnt so far.

Simple Subject and Predicate Quiz

  1. New Delhi is the capital of India.
  2. The Earth revolves round the Sun.
  3. Sweet are the uses of adversity.
  4. We cannot pump the ocean dry/
  5. On the top of the hill lives a Hermit.
  6. No man can serve two masters.
  7. I shot an arrow into the air.
  8. The sea hath many thousand sands.
  9. The roaring of the lions threatened us.
  10. Venus is called the morning star.

If you find any problem in the above questions and want the answers, you can ask in comments below.\


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