Loan Limits in Indian Banking System

Loan limits in different sectors in India pdf

Have you ever taken a loan from a financial Institution?
Are you thinking of taking one?

Then, before you knock at the Door of a Bank, you should be aware that there are Loan limits in different sectors in India. Depending on the basic requirement of a sector, RBI has set limits on how much money can be raised from any Financial Institution.

Below is the list of Loan limits in different sectors. These sectors include Education, Housing, Agriculture, SMLE and others. This list is not only useful for General Knowledge but also for competitive examinations and Interviews related to Banks. So, if you are an aspirant of Bank PO then you must remember this list on Loan limits in Different Sectors in India and abroad.

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Loan limits in different sectors

Loan Type Limit
Education loan 10 lac in India

20 lac abroad

Housing 28lac is metropolitan

20 lac in other centers

Agriculture 50 lac for a period not exceeding 12 months
Social Infrastructure 5 crore
Renewable Energy 15 crore
Small Medium and Large Enterprises (SMLE) 5 crore in micro & small

10 crore in medium enterprises

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