Vbodmas rules and tricks to simplify questions with vinculum order and brackets

Simplification Tips and Tricks – VBODMAS


VBODMAS is same as BODMAS except the addition of the word ‘V’ that stands for VINCULUM.

Now the question you must be looking an answer for is what does ‘Vinculum’ in VBODMAS means?

  • Vinculum is a horizontal bar on the top of any numeral value or alphabet or a word like this one.VBODMAS tips to solve questions of quant.

    What does a horizontal bar represent in VBODMAS?

  • It represent the repetition of anything that it is used with. For example, if you want to write ABABABAB…… , then instead of writing it again and again you cab just ¬†write AB (that is repeated multiple times) and mark a bar over it, like the one shown above.
  • But, while doing the the BODMAS problems, the Vinculum Bar represents the algebraic expression that is to be solved first of all.

Lets understand it with an example:

 VBODMAS Simplification Tips and trics



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