One Word Substitution List

An Introductory list of One Word Substitutes for Phrases

1 One who does not believe in the existence of God Atheist
2 The Life-History of someone written by himself Autobiography
3 One who plays not to earn money but for pleasure Amateur
4 One who believes very easily Credulous
5 One who believes in fate Fatalist
6 One who hates mankind Misanthrope
7 A single cure for all diseases Panacea
8 Present everywhere Omnipresent
9 A word for word copy Verbatim
10 One who doubts every good thing Cynic
11 A short journey for fun Excursion
12 A general pardon for political convicts Amnesty
13 Someone that cannot be defeated Invincible
14 A disease spreading over a large area Epidemic
15 Speech without prior preparation Extempore
16 A place where birds are kept Aviary
17 An official sent on a diplomatic mission Emissary
18 One who has no taste for literature, art or music Philistine
19 One who speaks skillfully Orator
20 One who loves books Bibliophile


Now its time to test what you learnt, attempt the One Word Substitution Quiz

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