One Word Substitution Quiz

The following is a short quiz based on the list of One Word Substitution List (PDF) that we provided prior to this quiz. This contains the one word substitution for widely asked sentences in various competitive examinations like SSC CGL and SSC 10+2.

If you are an aspirant of any competitive examination then you must know that 1-2 marks can be easily scored if you remember some of these.

These phrases are commonly used in daily life. Hence, their usage will save you some words in a conversation and will help you influence the listener at the same time.

One who does not believe in the existence of God:

The Life-History of someone written by himself

One who plays not to earn money but for pleasure

One who believes very easily

One who believes in fate

One who hates mankind

A single cure for all diseases

One who is present everywhere

A word for word copy

One who doubts every good thing

A short journey for fun

A general pardon for political convicts

Someone that cannot be defeated

A disease spreading over a large area

Speech without prior preparation

A place where birds are kept

An official sent on a diplomatic mission

One who has no taste for literature, art or music

One who speaks skillfully

One who loves books

Do share your scores and other One Word Substitution that you know in the comment box below.

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