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How to Prepare and Succeed in SBI PO 2017

Hello Readers, You might be aware that in a couple of days the SBI PO Prelims is going to take place. Every year millions of students line up for this awesome job opportunity but only a few of them succeed in it. Candidates blame themselves for failure and get depressed. But, many figure out what did they lack at. Then, sort each and everything ou and get selection next time.

Therefore, here we bring a little guide to make you aware of the exam and what you could do to maximize you chances to shift yourself from the left side to the right side of the picture.

A little glimpse of the history of SBI

Well, I believe everyone is aware of the biggest public sector bank in India. Yes, I am talking about SBI. With over 15,000 branches all over the world, it is the largest bank of India branch-wise as well as asset-wise. Headquartered in Mumbai, it was nationalized on July 1, 1955. Earlier it was running under the name Imperial Bank of India.
From then to now, it has come a way forward in showing its excellence. Its customer reach and services are trusted blind-folded. SBI is marketing under several taglines. Some of them are Pure Banking Nothing Else, With You-All The Way etc. With the government stake of 60%, SBI is leading the market publicly and privately. Currently chaired by Arundhati Bhattacharya, it has the largest no. of ATMs which amount to little over 22000. Read more about SBI history.

What is SBI PO?

SBI PO is an entry level post in the officer cadre in the State Bank of India designated equivalent to the rank of an Assistant Manager. PO stands for Probationary Officer which means a candidate joining a bank on this post will be an officer but on probation. Probation here means he/she will not be a full-time employee of the Bank until he completes his probation or the training period in the bank which is of around 2 years in this case. The Bank will have the right to expel the candidate within this period if he does not fulfill the requirements. Therefore, the candidates have to behave and work as per the industry requires. The SBI PO is considered a little different from the other banks PO due to its vast popularity among the customers and the candidates too. An SBI PO is salaried a little more than a PO from other public sector banks. Its great right! But its all because the high competition among aspirants in its entrance examination and the workload they go through once selected in SBI. Read more about salary and work of an SBI PO.

Why is the SBI PO entrance examination considered tougher than other Bank’s Examination?

If you think so, then you are right. Back in 2010 when IBPS was introduced, SBI showed its monopoly and categorized itself the trendsetter. Ever since then IBPS follows the footprints of SBI. The examinations conducted by IBPS for the rest of the banks were one stair below the exams it conducted for SBI. But last year we witnessed a major change in the pattern of the SBI PO exam which took everyone by surprise. Later that year the same pattern was followed in the IBPS PO examination. That exam made everyone realize that its not the quantity that matters but quality does. Cut-offs remained far low than expectation. But this was not the end. The exam which was being held in the month of July until last year shocked everyone when the SBI PO notification hit the news. Well, but you are given enough time to gather your resources and get back yourself on track. Read more about SBI PO Entrance Exam.

What is the expectation of aspirants with the SBI PO exams?

As soon as the notification of SBI PO exam arrived, the internet jammed with the searches of the new pattern questions for SBI. Various reputed Institutes broke their drowsiness that was going for some time now. With the same pattern followed every year until 2016, Institutes made jewels from the candidates. But, now you can notice that it was not the candidate only whom the exam took surprise by. But within a short period of time, the coaching institutes regained their consciousness and started work from scratch guessing the newbie pattern for students. Now, its is expected that the candidates might face the same chapters with a refreshed pattern. Be it English, Reasoning or Aptitude, one has to be ready to be on his toes to tackle the problems in whichever way possible but with accuracy and speed. There might be questions that you may have seen in the CAT or IAS examination, who knows!

What will be the key aspects to succeed in the SBI PO Examination?

If someone gave you a trick or a guru-mantra to get selected, then believe me he’s fooling you. Don’t believe in any pre-assumed pattern like I heard someone telling an option trick to clear a government exam. If only Option was the trick then who needs questions, right?

So, firstly, I would like to advise that do not fall for such be-fooling tricks. Tricks might be useful to remember the stuff that might be asked in the questions like Trick to remember the SAARC countries or Trick to solve the Compound Interest Questions in lesser time. But, it will be your Hard work and Determination that will give you the surety of your success. Some of the Key Aspects, I believe will be beneficial for you, are given below:

1. Concept

It is good if you know the tricks to solve or learn anything. But, even the tricks are in doubt since the last time SBI PO exam took place. Everything in this has a concept behind it. If you know the reason behind anything, you will more probably remember it for a longer period of time. Therefore, I would advise you to try to go through the concepts so that in case your forget or fail to acknowledge a question then you can use the concept to fetch the marks.

2. Practice

Not everyone is born with a quality or fortune. But, they make a fortune out of nothing. The key that works for them is Practice. Don’t be shy if you are not good at Mathematics or English, you can be. Practice is what you have to be good at. Jot down your strong and weak points from the syllabus, and start practicing both simultaneously. Give more time for the weak ones and a little less to the strong ones. If you want to clear it, it is necessary to be fair in all the sections than to be good at just one. Practice until you are confident about the topic you practiced.

3. Time Management

As I already mentioned that you have to give time to your weak areas and strong areas as well. This is the thing where most of the students lack at nor do they consider it important. But, to be clear you should master the time aspect. I have seen many people getting a job in a bank while they were working and I have also witnessed candidates studying 24×7 but not getting selected. It was because the latter were not paying attention to their time, unlike the former ones. Hence, I strictly request you to heed Time Management.

4. Examine

When you become good at the above-listed principles, its time to examine yourself and your knowledge. If you are new then you must know that the SBI PO examination will be held online and there is a whole lot of difference between an offline and an online exam. The scenario changes completely in both the cases. Therefore, it is must for you to examine yourself not only offline but also online. The emphasis should be on the latter one. Take online tests regularly like this one- SBI Vocabulary Quiz. Note down your performance in each exam and graph your accomplishments.

5. Share

A wise man said that if you keep the information up to yourself only, it’ll never become knowledge. So, let the world know that you know. Share as much as you can. It is because when you share something it create an impact within your mind and that impact is long. You get benefited since that was what you always wanted to do, Learn.

So, these were some points that I believe if you add up to your routine will definitely make your position stronger and will take you several steps forward to your dream.

So, you have gone through this article now.  If you have any queries, please drop them in the comment box below. We would love to sort them out for you.

Thank you,
Team Prepskool



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