Science Mini Mock Test 1

While SSC CGL Pre exam 2017 is knocking at the doorstep, it’s time to test your general knowledge. GK Quiz for Science is important as it is asked in the most prominent competitive exams like NDA, CDS, SSC, UPSC, PCS. Hence, this General Knowledge Science Quiz is very beneficial. This Online GK Science Quiz will help you to test your general Knowledge. Quiz games are fun to learn gk questions. This trivia questions quizzes for kids and candidates who want to make their general knowledge strong.

Attempt the GK Science Quiz below and Prepare for all upcoming examinations.

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What is the measurement unit of Depth of Sea?

Value of acceleration due to gravity (g) at the center of the earth is?

What is process of the oscillation of the waves in only one direction called?

If a lens is immersed in a medium having refractive index equal to that of the lens, then the lens will

Which instrument is used to measure the growth in plants?

What happens to the resistivity of a element when the temperature increases?

Which organ of the Brain controls reflexes such as vomitting, coughing and sneezing?

What is the full form of SCID?

What is the name of the first cloned Cat in the year 2001?

The axis of the earth is tilted at an angle of ______ degrees to the vertical?

Ice at 0 degree Centigrade feels colder than water at 0 degree Centigrade due to

In certain conditions, the blood vessels of a person can contract that increases the blood pressure by obstructing the path of blood. Which drug is used to widen such Blood Vessels?

Who prepared Trinitrotoulene (TNT) for the first time?

What is the constituent element of Synthetic rubber?

Which electrolyte is used for preparation of soaps and papers

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