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Simplification – Tips and Tricks | BODMAS Solution

INTRODUCTION TO SIMPLIFICATION:  Simplification is one of the most important topics that are asked in math tricks, Quantitative Aptitude section of any competitive exam including Banking, PO Clerk, SSC, UPSC and so on. This includes the questions of approximation and simplification if we talk about its direct application. But at the core, its application is very wide.

Math Simplification Tricks, in general, is not a process or a method. It is a summation of tricks that work to reduce the steps of a problem and its applicable to each and every chapter of Quantitative Aptitude.

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Let’s we talk about Tips and Trick to crack the questions:

The Basic Application:


BODMAS is a helpful acronym meaning brackets, order, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction, ensuring that equation steps are completed in the right order. A mathematical question with multiple operations may give different answers depending on the order in which it is solved.

Determines the priority wise solution of an equation which requires multiple operations simultaneously.

    1. B– Bracket  (), {}, [ ].
    2. O– Of (is the alphabetical form of  multiplication)
    3. D– Division (/)
    4. M– Multiplication (x)
    5. A– Addition (+)
    6. S– Subtraction (-)

Think you already know BODMAS? Test your knowledge with a short Test

Most of you might know the process how BODMAS works, this is for the newbies who has difficulty in solving questions like the following ones;

NOTE: ready?Also, learn about what does ‘V’ stands for in VBODMAS and what is its application.

For example: 136/4+(56-7) x32 off 2

Procedure: Simplify according to BODMAS

      1. 136/4+(56-7) x32 off 2
        The brackets will be Solved { 56-7 =49}
      2. 136/4+49 x32 off 2
        Then, the ‘of’ will be converted to “x” { 32 x 2=64}
      3. 136/4+49 x32 x 2
        Then, division will take place (136/4 = 34},the equation will now be simplified to 34+49 x 64;
      4. 34+49 x64
        Now, Multiplication will take place {49 x 64=3136}
      5. 34+3136
        Last step will be adding of 3136 and 34 which is 3170

3170 is your answer.

Think ready? Take a short test on  BODMAS

Also, learn about what does ‘V’ stands for in VBODMAS and what is its application.


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