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Static General Knowledge Quiz #2 | Download in Pdf

Hello Readers, If you are a banking aspirant, then this post is for you and you can’t ignore it. It is said that you should go through the post and sector which you are applying for. In that context, you should know some basics of the static general knowledge quiz for banking awareness as this is helpful for both Written Exam and for the Interview. Many candidates make it through the written exam every year but fail in the interview because of some silly technicalities they should be aware of. So, make sure to know as much about the banking sector as you can.

We, at Prepskool, design such mock tests for you so that you gain much knowledge about the banking sector. Go through the following quiz and be prepared for Banking exams with this Banking Awareness.

What is the maximum duration of the repo rate, the rate at which RBI lends money to commercial banks?

What is the name given to the facility under which commercial banks can borrow money from RBI overnight?

What is the full form of BPS in Banking?

What does the last 3 digits of 11 digits SWIFT code determines?

Where was the headquarter of PNB when it was setup in 1894?

Where is the headquarter of Bandhan Bank Ltd.?

When was IDBI Bank Nationalized?

Under which act guidelines of KYC are issued?

Where is the Headquarter of SIDBI?

In which year was the SENSEX formed?

What is the full form of SMA?

What is the Capital Adequacy Requirement as per the Basel 3 norms in India?

Which scheme is launched by the government to improve the efficiency and the functioning of a bank ?

What is the amount of minimum capital required to setup a Small Bank?

Under which act was the Banking Ombudsman Scheme introduced in 1995?

You can Download the Questions of this quiz in PDF here-> Static Banking Awareness pdf

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